Coming in 2022, the G.I. Joe Coffee House will have its own Barista Bar. This is a public access service and many of the visitors who come from a far and around the community will enjoy the 1940’s Vintage Industrial environment, old school hospitality, and old fashioned bar. You can sit right up to the bar and order your favorite coffee drink, savor one of our special desserts, and tell stories with your friends.

About the Bar

The 1940’s Vintage Industrial style coffee bar will feature many specialty coffee drinks including coffee drinker favorites, cold brew, and an assortment of flavored coffee drinks as well. Our Barista Bartenders will give you that old school hospitality and take care of your coffee needs.

Our Specialty Coffee

When it comes to Specialty Coffee, this is where you can get it. Our menu is extensive but purposeful. Your favorites are on the menu and if you choose to venture out and try something different, you’ll be surprised how much you love it. 

Our Bar Menu

Quick snacks, sodas, water, pastries, sandwiches, and pre-packaged meals are available for a quick bite at the Barista Bar. If you choose to savor our wonderful desserts, we will get you some right from our Coffee Cafe in the building.