Three Kiosk Sizes

We have three sizes and capabilities for your choice of coffee kiosks. Our 10 ft kiosk is extremely mobile and even includes a trailer for easy transport and deployment using an SUV or truck. The 20 ft kiosk is ideal for a busy area and for events. It facilitates two good Baristas or one manager and two Baristas to serve coffee drinks easily. Finally, our 40 ft coffee kiosk is designed for large events. It has roof access and provides a lot of brand exposure.

Are you looking for a compact model that combines design, architecture, and flexibility? The 10 ft kiosk is the smallest recycled shipping container in our fleet but it packs a punch.

This unit is popular when space is limited and when bigger units are not required to do small jobs. Sometimes, smaller is also faster. Once opened up, these units can be transformed into a custom-designed mobile boutique, a trade show booth, a learning station, or even a bar. Easy to transport and quick to set up, it is the perfect alternative to pop-up tents and regular booths. Its look and design attract attention and you are sure to stand out in the crowd.


Built for performance and ease-of-use, the 20 ft kiosk is a 20’ recycled shipping container that transforms into a fully functional and versatile promotional unit at the push of a button. Once fully deployed, this event container can be transformed into anything from a two-story VIP lounge, a mobile boutique, a stage for a DJ or live band, a mobile restaurant, or even a spacious trade show booth or training center. It is incredibly simple to set up and suitable for indoor and outdoor usage all year round.

Our most popular model in terms of creating an impression, the 40 ft kiosk is sure to attract attention and allow for extra creativity and possibilities. Big events require big measures!

Once unfolded, this unit converts into a sizeable promotional space providing over 1200 sf. of footprint. Possibilities are endless on top as well as we can use an exterior staircase leading to a terrace or other options. This unit provides double the space of a popular 20 ft kiosk and is ideal for larger activations and big-scale events. Indeed, it can transform into a dance club, a bar, a concert venue and stage, a VIP lounge, a mobile boutique, and even into a mobile restaurant. The use of billboards and platforms to display vehicles or other equipment on top of the unit allows you to create an even bigger impact if desired.

Bigger does not mean more complicated. The 40 ft remains functional, practical, and mobile compared to smaller units… it just takes on bigger challenges!