“Everyone buying into the team effort is essential to success.”

The G.I. Joe Coffee House Sales and Administration Office is where many will want to work and establish their second career in the coffee industry, working in our state-of-art sales and administration office or at many of the coffee kiosks, coffee trucks, and coffee houses we will be deploying across the U.S. This network of coffee sales units will start to impact communities within the military family consumer market, large veteran communities, and non-veteran cause markets nationwide. 

Managing this facility requires talented and motivated personnel, and our administration and sales office will give them the ideal environment for which to generate and manage all aspects of the G.I. Joe Coffee House and sales in the field. 

Our sales office, designed for open and engaging collaboration, enables teams to easily discuss sales strategies and acquire small to medium business customers to enterprise ones who will purchase our coffee and support our cause. 

We will meet with major corporate partners, military leaders, and government officials in our state-of-art conference room to discuss new partnerships and resources vital to the sustainment of our mission. 

To communicate our message and mission outside of the G.I. Joe Coffee House, our media room will produce audiovisual elements necessary to increase awareness, sell our coffee products, and broadcast our many successes from our own dedicated online radio and podcast channels.  

And finally, our administration floor will manage all phases of student registration, class curriculum, and the operation of our coffee enterprise. Investors will be assured that this operation will be run by experienced and highly efficient managers in the training, coffee production, sales unit deployment, and marketing departments to generate profits faster into the company.