We’ll Harness the Power of the Military Consumer Tribe

G.I. Joe Coffee House will be the model for all types of industries who want and need to create an insurgence of new jobs, new small business owners, and new economic impact zones in our communities. This strategy will prove to create “industry-focused” incubators who will train and launch professionals who will deploy and establish business in key areas throughout the world. 

Cause Market Impact

If you think this is a lot, we will impact the cause market as well. When consumers think a brand has a strong Purpose, they are 4.1 times more likely to trust the company. 73% of respondents believe that a company can take actions that both increase profits and improve conditions in communities where it operates. 87% of respondents believe that stakeholders, not shareholders, are most important to long-term company success. 72% of Americans say they feel it is more important than ever that the companies they buy from reflect their values. One third of Americans plan to increase the amount they spend on ‘good’ products and services in the next year.