How Our Veteran Entrepreneurs Make an Impact

Put your money into people who have already shown you that they are heroes…people with purpose, dedication, a high level of responsibility, achievers of high goals, and the drive most people could not or will not maintain. These are our veterans, let me say, VETREPRENEURS, who have taken the skills they learned in the military and used them to create businesses that have affected our nation in so many ways. 

Did you know that there are companies we use everyday that are veteran owned; like FedEx, SportsClips, RE/MAX, Walmart, Nike, Universal Health Services, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company… just to name a few. Yes, could you imagine if you had the chance to invest in them when they were just a startup?

Therefore, G.I. Joe Coffee House will benefit from this strong force of people, who understand process, thrive on accomplishment, and readily exceed expectations. We will develop an Army of profitable coffee kiosks, trucks and coffee houses; some you’ll see at your favorite sports and entertainment events, some on your beloved college campuses, in the parking lots of your favorite shopping centers, at airports and hotels, or just down the street from your neighborhood. Our consumers will win, our veterans will win, and our investors will win.